Colon Cancer Project

DNA microarrays provide a global assessment of patterns of gene expression and our hope is to use these as a means of improving the diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer. This work involves finding genes whose expression patterns correlate with a range of clinical outcomes, including survival and response to therapy. Ultimately, our hope is to find genes that are mechanistically associated with the development of the disease and its progression and to use these for the development of new therapeutics. This work is being carried out in collaboration with Timothy J. Yeatman of the H.Lee Moffitt Cancer Center with support from the US National Cancer Institute (grant U01-CA8552-01A1).

Additional work focuses on the use of candidate genes identified in these genomic screens to elucidate the pathways and networks that they control. Using a combination of RNA interference and microarray analysis, combined with a directed Bayesian Network approach to data analysis, we hope to better understand the mechanisms that are used to regulate tumor progression and to develop a general methodology for approaching the analysis of mammalian gene expression networks.

Colon Cancer pulications

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