The Gene Index Project Overview

The promise of genome projects has been a complete catalogue of genes in a wide range of organisms. While genome projects have been successful in providing reference genome sequences, the problem of finding genes and their variants in genomic sequence remains an ongoing challenge.

The sequencing of Expressed Sequence Transcripts (ESTs), fragments of genes that have been copied from DNA to RNA, provides the most comprehensive evidence for the existence of genes and their structure.
         The goal of The Gene Index Project is to use the available EST and gene sequences, along with the reference genomes wherever available, to provide an inventory of likely genes and their variants and to annotate these with information regarding the functional roles played by these genes and their products.
         In addition, we are attempting to use these catalogues to find links between genes and pathways in different species and to provide lists of features within completed genomes that can aid in the understanding of how gene expression is regulated.


TGI databases have moved at DFCI and are no longer available at TIGR/JCVI.

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   The Gene Index Project is supported in part by funding from the US National Science Foundation through grant #DBI-0552416.